The 6 Best Home Printers in USA | 2022

In the article ‘How to choose a home printer?’ I exposed the 9 factors that most influence my choice of home printer. These factors are basically: it’s a multifunction printer, it has good print quality, it prints in color, it has Wi-Fi, it automatically prints double-sided, it is worth less than $200, replacement cartridges are not very expensive, it has a closed paper tray and it has a screen (I recommend you read the article if you haven’t already, since I explain all this much better there).

If, even if it’s for home, you usually print frequently, or if you’re looking for a printer for your office, perhaps an ink multifunction is not your best option. In that case I would buy a laser printer (they’re prepared to print much more and at a better quality). If you only print in black and white, I would buy a monochrome laser printer (you can see the ranking of the best here); if you need to print in color too, I would buy a color laser printer (you can see the ranking of the best here). And, if you still think you need an ink printer, read on.

Next we will see the ranking of the best multifunction printers for home according to my experience and opinion. I’ll explain the advantages or disadvantages of each one. In addition, the average price of each printer is exposed so that you can have it as a reference to choose which one you should buy at this moment (if the first printers in the classification are expensive at the time of your purchase, you may be interested in going to the latest models on our list).

1. HP Envy 6055

Average price: $122.46
HP Envy 6055

It’s the perfect home printer: elegant, easy to use, and packed with all the essential features (plus a few more!). One of the best home printers on the market for a very reasonable price.

2. HP Envy Photo 7155

Average price: $129.91
HP Envy Photo 7155

Very good printer, more focused on photography (includes separate tray for photo paper). If it is competitively priced and / or you usually print photos at home, this model will suit you.

3. HP DeskJet 2755

Average price: $69.99
HP DeskJet 2755

One of the most basic multifunction printers you can find. It complies with what is necessary and is easy to use. This is why it has become one of the best-selling printers.

4. HP DeskJet Plus 4155

Average price: $97.09
HP Deskjet Plus 4155

Very good printer. Includes automatic sheet feeder for scanner and copier, plus fax. It is a good purchase option if it has a good price at the time of purchase.

5. Canon Pixma TR7520

Average price: $80.48
Canon Pixma TR7520

It’s a very complete printer, which has very good characteristics and a great print quality. Includes automatic document feeder for scanner and copier, plus fax. It contains 5 separate ink cartridges, two paper input trays (one closed and one open), and it prints double-sided automatically. It’s also fast and offers a Bluetooth connection. Maybe the size and weight are too high for a home printer, but if this is something that you don’t care too much, you’ll have a very good printer at an affordable price.

6. HP DeskJet 3755

Average price: $63.68
HP Deskjet 3755

This is one of the most compact multifunction printers out there. You will have all the necessary functions in a very small printer that will fit anywhere. Its great results in such a small size have made it one of the best-selling printers.

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